Boxed Meals-kraft get out of business

I’m still on my tirade of how the food industry is treating it’s customers.  Had set up a photo shoot  of the Kraft Mac  N  Cheese box to show you how SMALL the containers have become.   But life got in the way and I still need to do the shot.

Let’s say it this way.   The box has reduced in size by 1/4 of what it was just a couple years ago.. the macaroni is also smaller.   The Cheese flavor packet is mainly Corn Starch!!  with a flavor and color  added.  It looks the same – same height, same width, but PEOPLE it is SKINNY!!  Wt says 12 oz.  That includes the packaging!!   So we are only getting about 10 ozs of eatable food.  Where it once used to be 16 oz.. not including packaging.   And It hardly feeds 2 people a full cup serving, where it used to feed 4!!     The flavor stinks.. I can hardly get it to my mouth without having the odor shut down my appetite!!     

Pasty After Taste!!   And I did follow their directions using the real butter and time allotment for cooking.   Now go read the crap about quality control and how they have our best interest at heart!!  Yeah, Our MONEY!!   Like we, the consumer,  are so stupid that we’d never think such a thing of a company that has been in business over 50 years.  

Just because the packaging looks the SAME, don’t be fooled.. It is smaller, poorer quality; and costs MORE.     Makes me wonder what else is being pandered as fit to eat on our grocery shelves.. 

Ice Cream companies– I got your number, too!!   Beyer’s used to be my favorite.  


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