Enough is enough!!

Don't Buy!!

Don't Buy!!

It is time to Stop the MADNESS.. do manufacturer’s think we are all stupid?   I am so angry over this recent purchase of Hostess HoHos.. tiny and taste is terrible!!

What are you people thinking.. I am not surprised at the price, it’s just the product has degraded to the point that only the stupidest person would buy these.    I’m still trying to get rid of the waxey after taste- no chocolate, no cake..and what the H#!! is that white stuff..not enough to be able to tell if it is eatable..the wax  over powered it.

I bet your CEO doesn’t eat such crap as he is trying to push off on the consumer..

Yes, I am angry.. not just with Hostess, but with all the corporate  boss’s who think they can continue to give less for more $$.   Food is hard enough to keep in a house, but BAD FOOD is YOUR fault- stop thinking WE HAVE TO PAY for such crap!!   Stop taking home bigger profits while you laugh at our (the consumer) being so gullible to keep buying this crap!!

Hell, make your own!!  It is much healthier for you and YOU KNOW what ingrediants are in it!!  

Macaroni & Cheese– you are next!!  Get your product fit for Consumption or  get out of the business!!

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One Response to Enough is enough!!

  1. DD1 says:

    So timely – I actually considered picking a box of these up – for old times sake. Glad I passed! (Got fig newtons instead) You’re totally right though…and the other thing they think they’re being sneaky on, is reducing the size of the product/packaging. Breyer’s Ice Cream…2 quart tub…isn’t 2 quarts anymore. But the price is still up there and rising…in the $4.50 range! Um, hello…do you think we can’t read either? Sure it looks the same…same shape, same colors/pictures…just smaller. Grrrr.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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