Sunday night

smudge chasing the cursor

smudge chasing the cursor

Heading to bed a routinue doc appt tomorrow morning…8:30.    Just a check up..gads, has it been 6 months already?

Anyhow-the weather is unusually cool.. even put my electric blanket on the bed last night.  Feels like October around Halloween time.  The garden has stopped producing because it has been too cool for anything to grow.. had a nice harvest and enjoyed the fresh tomatoes, green beans & peppers.   Looks & Feels like it is time to clean out all the plants and bed things down for a long cold winter.   

Got a few sewing projects to do for the kids.   Sleeves on J’s shirts are too long.. And DD#2’s jeans are needing a hem.   Maybe I can get in the mood to sew tomorrow afternoon.   Don’t really have any plans or need to get any projects done.     Apathetic about it all!  

Just forcing myself to do strengthening   exercises everyday.  Amazingly I went from only being able to do 3 deep knee bends to 10 in a short time.  Now working on sets of 10.   2 sets a day is about it for me right now.   Trying to work into doing a 30 minute work out twice a day.    Well, that’s stretching it since I can only get 15 minutes once a day.   But little bites of time makes a big difference in keeping the body functioning.  

Since going to recycling here our amount of trash has decreased by over 1/2 that gets put in the dumps!!   Who would have thought that 3 grown ups could reduce their carbon foot print by 1/2.  We’re not real strict on recycling, but what a difference is seems to make.   Instead of 4 or 5 garbage sacks a week going to the dump, we are down to 2.  I bet if we got really serious it could be down to one.   

See, what happens when you go at life in small bits and pieces, instead of huge life changing steps?    Just keep the plastic out of your garbage and see what a difference it will make!!   We only do plastic, cans & junk mail.      


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One Response to Sunday night

  1. DD1 says:

    How’d your appointment go?

    Smudge is so cute!

    Love you…

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