Catching up

Had a problem with PSE6 program and finally got it fixed.  *remind me never to leave yahooIM running in the background while I create*
LOL.. somehow what I was working on (little blue tag) came out 901 inches in size. Seems everytime I rotated to ink the edge The size also increase??     All fixed tho.   !!   I used the patterned paper from Rainy at  and the swirl by Achuzu ( brushes.
making tags with stitches

making tags with stitches

Then I dug into lesson 10!!  You would not believe this technique is SOOO easy!!   I will still have to extract an item from a photo, but dang, It is WORTH it!    Jessica provided the leaf for us to practise with and once I got the 3 steps down perfectly I went for the tree limb (I love them!!)  
Making Brushes/abr files

Making Brushes/abr files

I’m Exhausted from fighting with this beast of mine, so am calling it a day.. Til the next lesson!!    Tomorrow, tomorrow-it’s only a day away!


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