Old Fashioned

 It is really hard to keep up with all the fads of changing the look of a blog .. I admire all those fancy smancy backgrounds and side bars. Let’s face it head on..what is the need?   After awhile my ol eyes long for a plain simple look.   Decluttered and less is REALLY more.  

Therefore I am NOT upgrading to color and ads, links or tags:  It’s just me and plain old fashion blogging.   Same ol header (city where I live) and no gimmicks or sales being thrown at ya.  

Some of you may already know I do digital scrapbooking and I’m hunting for some Christmas Jingle Bells.. like in the photo below. 

Jingle bells

Jingle bells

All I can find are the other bell shapes..  So I’m hoping I can revamp this photo for use.   But if anyone knows of where a digital “clear” jingle bell can be found– let me know!!    Gotta save some of these ol brain cells for other uses that are of higher priority…like where my glasses are   and  where the heck I left my purse.   I gotta watch the clock to grab the mail as soon as it’s delivered  and remember what day to put out the garbage….  IMPORTANT STUFF!!

It’s me and the cholesterol problem again.. now why can’t I get off my behind and take that daily walk??    Life would be less stressful if I could remember to get dressed, put on tennys and head out the door for a stroll.   BUT no– I get caught up in this beast and cyber space.   Forget the time and then rush about getting daily stuff done (dishes and cooking)  to prove that I have been busy living instead of day dreaming.     As My Granny would say- “always got your head in the clouds”   or  “come back down to Earth”..     which was her way of saying I wasn’t living in the REAL World.. or paying attention to what was happening around me.  

Could I be going thru my 2nd childhood–the first wasn’t all that great.  I try to avoid all that again.   So today, I will try to remember to set aside 1 hour for a daily walk…. It’ll take me that long to find my tennys, get dressed, and head out the door..  Gotta get that “C” number down in the normal range.. It’s above 200 now, but NOT over 300.  He,he,he…

Catch it early and Nip it IN the BUD–   Granny
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