First, let me say, “I love ya Jessica Sprague!!”   Video tuts are wonderful..

I’m taking my first online PhotoAdjustment& layering class with her and am learning soo many tricks and tips on working in my PSE6 program.   Heck, I didn’t know it would do so many great things..read-adjustment layers.   I got the same effect, but with alot more layers and steps inbetween.

original photo

original photo


after lesson2

after lesson2


I have to go back over and rewind the lesson 4 a couple more times to make sure I have “MASKS” mastered.. I haven’t worked much with them, so I just gotta practise..

Meanwhile, I skipped on to 5 & 6 lessons: original photo

bare tree

after a few layers of texture and adjustments of saturation and contrast..

after photo

after photo

Wow, what a difference!  Now I will have to stop deleting this type of photo and see what “tricks” I can do with them.   On to the next lessons for this segment!! Can’t wait to get lessons 8, 9, & 10 in my brain.    Stop, rewind, listen, take notes and Then–give it a go. 
I’m only behind by 3 lessons with my learning curve.
Have I told ya all how great the cyber world is?   Well, now ya know!!
Keep exercising those brain cells…Granny
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