New week

It's all about ME

It's all about ME

How I spent my week end lounging around and taking up space is very evident by the snaps…Love My HT.
I did get out and do some shopping..while dd#2 got the grub, I browsed thru the Salvation Army store next door.
SU rubber for $1.00

SU rubber for $1.00

 I couldn’t pass these 2 stamps without picking them up and giving them a new home.  SU rubber is collectable!!  The last I saw these 2 in a catalog, they were over $20.00 each!!   

I created and put together digital scrapbook items to sell at in my Granny Judy Designs area. I now have over 10 items available and am working on another kit- you know how ideas keep “banging” around in your head and you start trying to make sense of them?   I have a real banger happening right now, but nothing is materializing other than a couple of elements.  I think I am stuck til I develope a color palette….. so will concentrate on that part today.
July 4 holiday is just a few days away and I’ve plans to hang out here, cook out, view the fireworks from the back patio, and just relax.  Of course the HT is on the List of “things to do”.. that’s a given!!
Meanwhile I have a little advetising to do at my other blog..  It’s strictly business over there with my learning and doing work for other designers and MY- self.  I’m stretching and growing all the the digital world.  
Best get that coffee inside me and make the most of today..DD#2 is off to work.  SnIL is doing errands.  And I have the house to myself.
Gotta check the little garden areas for eatables..and wash the birdie do-do off the back patio.  My “cup runth over”!! 
Stay well, stay active and say hello while you are here. 
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