Blog Train N collages

a Freebie Kit 4

a Freebie Kit 4Here is my part of a current Blog Train (Digital Scrappers know what I mean).. just click on the image to head over to the right Blog.. Lots more goodies to collect and use..stop in often.

Pepper at her best

Pepper at her best

wow, I like this feature of Picassa!!   will have to do the rest of our journey photos like this!!  Don’t cha just love the Pepper when she’s sleeping?

Got a call from my Cous in TX.. she has found a really cheap place for me if I come down there thru the Winter.. I don’t want a permanent place, just somewhere warmer than here for the Winter Months!!  And Honey, it seems like a Happening Thing this year.   Got a few details to work out but Come this NOV.. I’m outta the Cold Climate of Ill.  

I see DD#1 is back in school..going the medical route.  So I don’t think I’m gonna see much of her around the cyber world.   Good 4 U, sweetie!! 

Now I’ve gotta get some BBook pages done and gather up all the parts of that blog train.   Summer Love.


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