Post op news_Pepper

We turned the front room into a Doggy recovery area..

nursing duty

nursing duty

 A 67 lb dog is not easy to handle.. Pepper is all sedated with pain meds and just wants Her MOMMY!!   .   It’s gonna be a long 8/9 weeks. 

           Absolutely  NO weigh on that leg.  It’s sewn together without plates or screws.  We got it taken care of early so arthritis and calcium build up did not happen.   So scar tissue will grow around the inside sutures and take the place of the legiment -fusing the muscle to the bone.  The suture goes thru a hole the Vet made thru the bone and if it tears or breaks, we will have to do the whole procedure AGAIN..

Tonight we will have to see if we can get a little bit of water in her and maybe some soft food in tiny amounts.   Thankfully SnIL  is here to lift her up and take her out for a potty break.   We made a sling out of a towel to support her weight when she is able to stand..but one of us will have to be there to hold her up.. LOL.  

We are just happy things went well and that once healing occurs, she should be her old spunky self with full use of that leg.   We just have to watch Mocha since it’s always been run, jump and play fights between the two…and WHY not continue??   Whats wrong with being the alpha dog??  We’ve always had this competition.. And this is the perfect time to take over the Top Position.

LOL.. the animal kingdom is too simple. But I see people immulate this same behavior…    I give over the Alpha role to DD with pleasure.  It’s not as hard to follow, no big decisions and responsibilities are minimal.. just love each other.  Support each other and respect all our differences.   

Hugs.. Granny

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