This is the one!!  Genetic weakness in the back legs often leads to torn tendons & muscles from just normal racing around the yard.   I found her under the back patio stairs (where she loves to nap) in the afternoons,  unable to get out.. after some assistance and lifting on my part, she hobbled out and gave me that same look (without the ball in her mouth).. My heart sank.

She didn’t put any weight on her right back leg..I thought it was broken or worse.. At least there was no blood.   Called DD and off to the vet they went while I held onto the other fur baby, Mocha (who just wanted to ride along)…  

Diagnosis: torn ligaments & tendons in the “knee” that will require surgery to repair…approx $2,000 plus ER expenses.  Otherwise Pepper would never be able to use that leg, would develop arthritis and be permanently crippled.   Not a good thing for such a young dog..approx 4 yrs old now.   Surgery scheduled for this Friday.  8 weeks recovery with NO WEIGHT bearing.

I chuckle, yet burst with pride and love when SnIL hauls the mattress off their bed from upstairs down to the front room.. Pepper isn’t able to go up stairs and has trouble going down with just 3 legs.  The two of them will sleep downstairs and look after Pepper in the Morning and Evenings/Nights.. while I have Mocha shut up in My Room with me for the nights. 

 Pepper is strictly DD’s shadow when she is home.   DD gave her a pain pill and then they all settled down for some sleep.. in the new “bed” in the front room…  Mocha in my room stretched out on a shaggy rug..and fast becoming MY SHADOW.  –eeeks, It’s gonna be a long 8 weeks.   

  OH, the Things We do For Our Fur BABIES!!  

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