Meds N dirt

Just had a lot of side effects hit me from a medication I was taking…so off it for a day and WHAT a difference!!   Back to the Doc with a list of complaints.    Big time muscle weakness that stays!   Time to revitalize that walking routinue and get back those Muscles.

Lost a couple of days and nights til I figured out it was that darn pill for lowering Cholesterol…. Been off it for one whole day &  night and man what an improvement.   Still a way to go, but at least I can function!

So I got outside for a hour.. DD#2 brought home some LemonBalm plants and I got them in containers.   Yeah, CONTAINERS!!  Or they will take over your yard.   Had help with getting the dirt in the containers and setting them where I wanted, but I stuck ’em in the soil and watered them good.    Lemon balm is used in alot of  body creams, oils, scented candles, etc.. you can rub it on your skin to keep bugs away..BUT NOT IF YOU HAVE ANY TYPE OF THYROID CONDITION.  Don’t put it on your skin or in teas!!   It’ll only make your thryoid upset and you’ll have a worsening condition..esp if you are HYPO.

I just like it in planters sitting around the patio to help keep those pesky bugs away.. A little goes a long way.  


A little Free Style quilting example using my personal machine.. Maybe I should try this after I get that darn med out of my system..

bad underside

bad underside

doin better underside
doin better underside

Lots of loopies in the top one!!  That is BAD!!  More practise and I’m starting to get the “hang” of the feed it thru the machine speed. Not pushing the pedal too fast, nor too slow—    eek !

Hugs Granny
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