bottom tier / walkway

bottom tier / walkway

OK, there are times when you think your home is a thoro-fare of non-stop fixin & repairing.. well, this Spring was our turn.   The front walkway (no photos) was torn up last year to solve a water problem in our basement.. and it finally got Fixed!!   Then the back patio needed something to stop the Mud Tracks of pets.. so the DARK GreY is the solution-cobble stones.  (but what about that bare spot just past it?)  Grass seeds AGAIN…

Mulch added to the other teirs and a good wash down of the patio with a pressure washer and we are all set to “enjoy” a summer of  outdoor cook outs, hot tubing and quiet evenings with a little fire in the chimenia.   

I’ve gotta get more practise in on free style quilting, but the weather keeps calling me to come on out and play in the dirt.. got to get some pepper plants in the container.   The tomatoes are doin good!!  The onion sets are coming up and should be ready next week.  And those Clematis vines I planted last year are taking over the front patio lattice screen!!  Yea!     I’m waiting for the climbing Rose bush of DD#2’s to bloom before taking a pic.. it loves It’s New Home-2nd year and it has tripled in size!

I sent in a couple of kits to a store and hope to pass the quality check so they will be available soon.  Still have trouble with stray pixels now.. the eye surgery seems to have cleared up My fuzzy/blurry creations.   LOL.     And the biopsy came back Neg for CA cells.

So it’s Business as usual around here.. Traffic for today:  Heating – Cooling man fixing the upstairs A/C that drips water back inside instead of going out and down the drain??  Dogs at the vet for a hair cut.  Pick them up at 2 p.m.   Friday-hot tub maintenance and set up for the season (It’s got nasty chems in it from winterizing)   

Maybe we won’t have to put up traffic signal lights after this week.. The “repairs” should all be done and over with!!    

The little H/tub

The little H/tub


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