Ice and pills

Yup, woke up needing both.. Surgery went very well.  I’m seeing better than I have in years..just got 2 black eyes and a bandaid on my Right Cheek..Unkn growth / cyst removed.    Not any real bad pain with the procedure..just swelling and mild discomfort.  I hope I didn’t say eveything I was thinking as I came out of anesthesia!!

Kept hearing this Bang, Bang, BANG…pretty darn loud to me!!  come to realize it was my own heart beat and that they had me hooked up to a monitor during the procedure.  She sure was letting me know I was doing well!!

No photos or cameras allowed around me for awhile!!  I mean it looks like I lost the fight with racoon eyes to prove it!    Hugs to all and If ya need this procedure done.. DO IT..   Double Eye Lid Lift.  Forget the medical terminology.. I couldn’t say it , let alone spell it. 


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