Where to begin?

It’s been a busy week and half.  Doctors visit x2, blood work and changing some habits because of the resulting tests and check ups.

Cholesterol levels are off the chart, so a pill was added to my arsenal of medication.  Reduction in Thyroid med..good news, but it always sends my blood work into a state of confusion and re-adjustment period.. that Cholesterol thing rising it’s ugly head is just one.

I generally feel like old crap on a post left from last year when we go thru this thyroid adjustment period.   And wasn’t surprised when it all started up again.   Not feeling too bad, just out of sorts with the rest of the world.  

Cigarettes went up over 7$ a carton, so it’s time to lay those nasty things aside… Here IS WHERE  I DO GO BONKERS!!!   I’ve tried every method out there to QUIT.   Pills, hypnosis, cold turkey, tappering off– and I still can NOT get past a day without a cigarette.  Ya gotta remember MY generation started in their teens (peer pressure), movies with stars puffing their way to stardom, before medical warnings and all the Life or Death choices.. MODERATION is about all I am able to accomplish without going into a complete mental/emotional melt down.   And I am happy with limiting the number of cigerattes each day.. just don’t tell me I CAN’T have one!!

There is hope for me, tho.  My Mother quit at age 80 after a lifetime of addiction.   I have a few years before reaching that age and THAT decision.    So I have counted out my “sticks” for today and will LIMIT my smoking to the out of doors.    Hey, Peeps!!  It’s a start and It’s a healthy choice for ME…   


April: get my digital scrapbooking store opened and filled.

Spend an hour each day with exercising and yoga.  Cut smoking down to 5 cigs a day.

May –  4th , minor eye surgery to repair a “lazy eye”.  

I think that should keep me busy and on track for a couple of months.   Oh, yeah, gotta get my tricycle dusted off and oiled up for the season of biking away a few pounds that I always put on in the Winter..    Til things get straightened out with meds and healthy choices..  finishing the quilt top and getting it quilted and filling a cyber store, I should stay out of trouble for awhile.    Hugs, Granny

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