Sunday happenings.






Dehydrated Apples in the works..  Love these goodies!!

I didn’t get to work on my Quilt, since both guys were home and in the way.. LOL.   Actually I really felt badly for them.  One had to go to work (2nd shift)  and the other was really nursing a headache.   So I played in my room and Kitchen.   

DD#2 bought a new puzzle game, Ravenhurst 2, that I couldn’t resist downloading and getting involved with.  After I got that dehydrator going and kitchen cleaned up.    I finally felt hungry enough to fix up some sausage gravy and bisquits.. Which disappeared fast!!   I think I cured the lot.  

Mondays Routinue.. a  doctors appointment, Mr Fix it here, and a nice Granny Nap.   Up and at the doc’s by 9:15.  Just my 6 months check up.   Got follow up fasting blood work to get done.. and that will give me a clean bill of health for another 6 months.

The special built shelving/table unit was delivered today and the upstairs toilet was reseated.. It was wobbling.. LOL.   I didn’t get into a Granny Nap til late, then slept til after DD#2 got home from work.  She brought McD’s  so I didn’t have to cook.. Felt really draggy so didn’t even clean up the kitchen.. it isn’t bad, just empty glasses and a few plates sitting out.   Tomorrow is another Day!!   And it won’t take long to do a good clean up after EVERYONE goes to work.    I think I get more accomplished when the kids are out the door, than when they are home and lounging around.     It’s their time off..and I remember how it was to work all week.   Looked forward to collapsing on my Days Off!!

Hoping I’ll be able to get into the sewing mood tomorrow.. wanna get that center piece done.. And try some bands of color around it.  Then put a different block boarder on.   Getting anxious to see what it will look like using my Ideas..  KWIM.   

I’ll find time to go into my cyber world and check on some friends tomorrow, also.   Gotta see how their week end went and if they were as lazy as me.    Now the temp is suppose to be in the mid to upper 60’s tomorrow, so I may get stuck outside playing awhile.   Yippe, patio look out!!   Mama’s got the Spring Cleaning Fever!!

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