Sunday’s ramblings

Saturday’s temp reached 62!!  It felt great to open all the windows and let some fresh air inside.   DD#2 & I went shopping.  At Big lots I found the perfect headboard ..finally have one that fits and won’t topple over on me as I sleep.  And all for around $50.    Got it inplace and anchored down..LOL

At wally world I found the exact same material as my LoveKnot Quilt so bought a couple yards of each color to make sure I’ll have enough to make a decent size, useable Coverlette.    Then while DD did supper I got to play with this quilt.  More ironing and cutting out the template pieces that make up the “pattern”.   Freezer paper has this waxy/plastic coating on one side that works great for templates when you iron it to your fabric.  I cut the template out of the freezer paper, then iron it to the fabric..then cut the fabric leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Why not use fusible webbing..?   Well it is alot more expensive.  It leaves a residue between your fabric that is stiff.   And once you put er down, there is no moving it.   So I’ll do the extra step, save money,  know that I can correct  mistakes and Have a softer, cozier quilt.

It’s a typical Quiet Sunday around here.. I’m slow to get started today and am only on my 2nd cuppa and it’s almost 10 am.  The snow is all gone, but it hasn’t warmed up to the 40 predicted high for the day.  There is still time!

Plan for the DAY.. NONE.     Well, maybe a hot shower to get rid of the aches these ol bones seem to have burdoned me with.   I’m getting pretty good at ignoring them, tho.     Focusing on some Spring Cleaning  and Changing around the Furniture  — darn that Warm Spell.   It’s my inner clock works that Mother left me with.. Natures seasons means it’s time to —-

Spring – Deep cleaning and garden planting.  Put away Winters wardrobe.

Summer – open the house and outdoor living.  Cooking out of doors. and start/finish Remodeling choirs.

Fall – Harvest & canning .  Change out the wardrobe to warmer items.

Winter – sewing, decorating, reducing clutter. 

What is the INNER CLOCK telling  you to do?   Do you listen to it?     GrannyJ

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