I’m glad it’s Thursday

matching fabric

matching fabric

Yeah, here is that fabric that will match my LoveKnot Quilt.. I have 2 yards of it and there is more at Wally World.   Missed getting there this week end since it was just too darn cold to poke my head out the door, but DD#2 says there is lots more there..   So with the week end warm up and only a couple of days wait, I’ll make sure I pick up some FABRIC!!

The tedious/slow work is in progress where I have to cut out the template, iron it to the 4Sq, then cut out the fabric before placing it on the other 4Sq.    So don’t expect much progress from me for awhile..getting blisters on my fingers from the scissors..

K got moved in and is really a quiet, hardly here guest.   Already he is taking out the garbage and if he gets in the kitchen, you wouldn’t know it, since he cleans up after himself.   Just an extra plate or glass added to the dishwasher is the only difference I’ve noted.

Talked to DD#1 via phone today and we are hoping to have MY store set up by March 1.   At least that is the deadline I’m praying for.   It will have alot of different online goodies – from requests for digital scrapbooking items, to already made kits, to who knows what all you might find when you go visit Granny…  lots of treasures and ideas spinning thru our minds right now.     So I’m off on another creative binge…

Looking forward to temps getting into the 50’s this week end.. Need to get outside and blow the Stink off me.  (that’s what My Mom used to say , so I know it’s ok to say it here)

Got supper in the crock pot:  Ham N Beans, apple salad and cornBread on laMenu..  I promise not to burn anything this time!!  lol. *inside joke*

Well, better get off here and move this day along… starting with Me getting a good scrub.    GrannyJ

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