Photo uploader is NOT working this evening..darn.   Here I found the perfect match for my quilt and I can’t show it off.   Anyway it is blue with silver stars in it..perfect shade/hue for the bordering!

K is here and had his first day at work..It’s Learning/orientation week for him.  Gets his training for the area he works in.   Guard Duty!!  And that’s all I can say about it.   So there are jobs out there.  

I got the dryer going with the newly washed fabric.   Made it to the doctors office for blood test.   Stopped in a couple furniture places to see about getting a new head&foot board for my bed.  This platform oldie isn’t working for me..My matress keeps sliding off the foot about 18 inches everymorning..  Duct tape!!     Doesn’t stick to fabric very well.

Hope to finish the kitchen clean up before heading to bed.. I didn’t cook tonight, so everyone is fending for themselves  and at different TIMES…   DD is doing TAXES here, ” do not disturb” til she comes out of hiding.     

I’m still waking up from my Granny Nap Today.. being out in the cold today just made that darn bed too appealing when we got home this afternoon.

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