Mid Week Standstill

love-knot-quiltJust can’t seem to get anything moving forward around here.. Just start something and get side tracked..  start another project and wear out.. then a call to finish and send what I have done, so I hurry and finish up that digi project..  zip it.. load to 4 share..and send off the links for My Friend and Designer for presentation.    Then it will go into the shop for sale: I’ll give the links when it HaPPenS!!

Got started cutting out squares for my Next Quilt.. Stacks of 4 1/2 inch squares are piling up nicely. Color scheme?  Blue and white for now.. I’ll figure out a nice contrast trim later.  I just can’t think past making 197  4part Squares of those two colors.    The journey to a finish is not thinking of the ending, but enjoying the steps along the way.    The tactile sensations of handling cotton fabric, taking a hunk of it and transferring it into something useful and  beautiful is very satisfying for me.     And I like to make one each year..

The weather is getting to me.. depressing with all this cold and being inside.   Don’t feel like going out, don’t need to buy anything,  don’t need anything, don’t want anything except for temps to rise above 50!!   Thankful  for all the things I do have and this warm roof over my head!!  

Puppies have been out, in and “treated”.   On my 2nd cuppa, and plan on heading to the sewing room today for some more cutting up.   Gotta see whats in the freezer for supper tonight.. but that’s the extent of my motivation for today..

Except for following the New President into to office, I haven’t any TV “must watch” programs in mind for my rest periods.   

Have a great Day, Peeps!!   Stay warm, stay happy.   GRaNNY

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One Response to Mid Week Standstill

  1. Nonita says:

    Alright you I didn’t tell you to hurry up and get the digi project done and zipped up and sent to me…..lol
    I have to say I really LOVE what you did..Now I have to get going on my part…Probley tommorrow after I get home from Dr. appt…
    Love ya, bye…..

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