Shopping on line

Did some searches and found so many great deals for my Christmas List this year… What cost over $270 last week is now down about $40.. and then there was free shipping or discounts for amount and more than 3 items.    It pays to bargain hunt.. 


It is still freezing here,, and I’m wishing for a nice warm spot to huddle near..   Sunshine and warmer temps are promised for today & tomorrow.  I’d settle for NO WIND..    

I’m  not into cold weather events,, so you will find me huddled near the heat and bundled in layers of clothes.       Even turned on the little electric heater while sitting here and I’m still cold.    Can’t even think about showering?? 
Not taking off one little stitch of clothing just yet.   Maybe this afternoon when the temps are suppose to be in the 40’s. 
Kids are off to work and pets are hanging out inside.. Come on sunshine and warm up the world for us.    Granny
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