dscn3133 Someone bring me a strong cuppa, Please.. I had a full day yesterday and just don’t wanna wake up enough to leave this nice warm bed..   Ok, Ok.. so I am up!!   One of the DSG designers asked for photos of Christmas ornaments to add to her next KIT.. so here is just one I submitted for her to play with..  I love BIG SHINNY decorations.. and will wrap a plain green garland  with beads and stuff an extra large ornament in there..    But I’m getting too far ahead with My Holidays..           ThanksGiving Is Next!

L. is doing the dinner, and I do the clean up..  Which reminds me.. I’d better get the Menu together for her shopping trip.   Ham!!  Sweet Potato casserole, and 3 bean salad instead of the Green Bean Casserole..  Oh and I’m sure J will want the Roast Duck in Orange sauce..    Heat & serve dinner rolls and Hot Cinamon Cider!!  or Tea.   A hot toddy may be needed to thaw us out.. And Just a couple of Pies!!   dscn2414

OK, who ate that piece??        Granny

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