TGIF…even with the rain

Awwww. a nice hot pulsing shower.. does wonders for the Ol Bod.. Good Morning and grab a cup.. 

First the old shower head and trying to sit while bathing.. (yes, I am starting to show my age, but not willing to give up on self maintenance)

The ol way

The ol way














And here is that gadget to make MY life EASIER.. 

the gadget

the gadget

And F.  got me all together  so I can make good use of this baby..Waterpik!!  
Pik and support bar

Pik and support bar

 Love this gismo.. Lets me  shower or bath. The support bar is perfectly placed to stand, get in and out – makes me feel safe!!   Tubs are very slippery..
Got quite a bit done on the Santa Tree Skirt.. All the little pieces are in place, the button eyes sewn on and ready for the batting and backing layer.  I’m hoping my machine can handle the machine quilting step.. I hate to think of having to hand Quilt  in order to have it ready for the Holiday.. We’ll see… (fingers crossed)
Warning: don’t watch the news.. it is so depressing with all this economic disaster stuff happening.   Wanna know how our Parents & Grandparents lived thru the depression of the 20’s?     They got creative.. barter, trading, raised their own and did without.   They pulled together with their Neighbors and Churches to take care of the children, widows and those who were sick or injured.    Think about it People!!     Stop letting the government Solve Your Problems.. Get control of your finances and cut back.    Granny 
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