a Cold Sunday

table decor

table decor

Friday it started raining and blowing with the temperatures heading downward.  It was a good day to stay inside and bake, cook or huddle by a fire.. 

Saturday was a shopping trip out to my favorite store.. Big Lots!   What a mess of old Halloween goodies,  Huge display of Christmas everywhere with Thanksgiving Tucked into a little corner..   Poor Thanksgiving, it doesn’t stand a chance against the Candy and Toy Holidays.    I did find some really cute Indians and Fall Leaves..the basket I had and for around $3.00 we have a great Center piece for our Thanksgiving Table.    The Table cloth was $4.00 and can be used for everyday.   

Sunday, of course the temps haven’t gotten back to 50 during the day and the cold nights have killed off all the annuals.  So while the kids head out the door to visit another couple, I’m getting myself together and plan on working on those Felt Christmas Ornaments.   I have a Dozen to get done..More on those later. 

Which Holiday is on your mind?     I’m off to grab another cuppa and get my Christmas goodies going today.   Granny

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