Good Morning~~ Coffee is brewing and I’m planning my day here.   Yes, awake at 5:30 and anxious to get started.   I thought I’d have that Pancake Quilt finished and photos to show you, but with the edging, I found I needed 28 more Cakes.. just to finish off the sides.   So it was back to marking circles, cutting and sewing those little round goodies.   Next I have to cut and turn them all right sides out before assembling them into long rows to attach to the finished part.. 

I get really excited toward the end of a project..can’t wait to get ‘er done!   And will not leave it til it is finished.. or I am exhausted.    So I’m off to the coffee pot for a cuppa to get wide awake then to my sewing area for the day.

Hope to finish this baby today so I can show ‘er OFF..     Granny

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