Crispy time…


It is getting to be “that” time of year… leaves fallin off trees,  Mum’s filling out their bushy limbs  and frosty breathes seen in the air as you walk outside.   It isn’t freezing or frost time, it is just that “Crispy” feeling to everything..prior to  Winter taking it’s turn to annoy me.

Nature is painting trees for me- so I won’t get too annoyed at her/him?  It’s a beautiful sight..


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inside workout…

NO, I am not a super woman and this is not about cleaning, cooking or re- arranging stuff.   I am just a old woman who needs to get a bit more exercise.. Sitting and sleeping are wonderful and easy accomplishments, but ….. and I mean a Big But-–   don’t make me feel better or Look better.    They just produce more sleeping and sitting.       Getting on that machine is not a pretty sight to see let alone experience… but, I let my imagination do it’s work….. AND

This is what I imagine I look like as I get on the treadmill—-286As long as I don’t look in the mirror, I feel wonderful about the treadmill work out..

Then I walk by the mirror– OPPS!!      (time to throw the mirror out!! The treadmill is to heavy for me to lift )


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Nothing like a Cuppa!!

keurig1I can’t remember the last time I had a “good” full flavored cup of coffee.. It’s been years, since I have the “gerd” problem.  Surgery over 3 years ago really helped and I’ve been able to enjoy a few foods I thought were off my  food consumption list forever.

I wake every morning to the smell of that Coffee Aroma floating thru the air and wishing I could sit outside with a hot cup and greet the morning..   Well This MORNING.. I did just that. ( it was quite chilly, so I only lasted one sip).   I mean a new coffee maker just has to have my Stamp of Approval.

Ahhh, life is good!!!

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design board Friday


Red work Orphan blocks joined with sashing.. still needs some tweeking.

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stacking blocks with Half Hexies

hexi stacking blocks

I recieved this piece in a box of Orphans  for my project charity quilts.. I studied it front and back to determine how it was made.   And it is Half Hexies!!   small ones, but none the less.. it’s half hexies!!DSCN7396

Made with alot of Y seams, and 3 different fabrics.  A light, a medium and a dark.   As soon as I finish up a couple more Charity Quilts.. I want to make this MY NEXT project/Quilt.   This should be a good way to use up some of those Scraps.. using MY 5 inch half-hexi template. DSCN7395


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it’s done!!


After a full year, I have gotten Grandma’s Garden done.  The center was professionally quilted with shamrocks- (My Gram was Scotch-Irish).   It wasn’t big enough for my bed.. so I added 20 inch borders all around 3 sides.    Now it is big enough for my bed with lots hanging over the sides.    Love it.   Keeping it for my Spring decor.

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explaining my MIA

I got a bit busy with charity quilting,, then I just ran out of things to talk about.. It would just be a repetition of what I’ve already shared here if I did do a daily report of my activities.  And doing the same thing day after day isn’t very interesting, is it?

So I just stopped taking pictures and thinking of new ways to say the same ol things..   Energy level has been down, then up, then back down so I use that as another excuse.

I am keeping busy with quilting and often I just don’t do any sewing for days.  I got into pc games and spend a lot of my time just goofin around.   DD#2 keeps asking if I am alright.  and I  really am doing well.     Just a quiet period in my life for now.      So don’t you worry about my absence ,  It just me, being ME..

Maybe when the weather gets too cold to play outside, I’ll get back here with ya all.    Granny

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